The finest moroccan Essential oils

We source the finest Moroccan natural products for Fragrance, Flavors, Cosmetics and Aromatherapy in a sustainable and socially responsible way.

How we do it

We know what it takes to act responsibly.

And here is how we do to it:


Starting from the basic levels of the sustainability framework and the resulting industry standards, we ask for clear expectations from our clients and we comply to them.


For the products that we won’t produce ourselves, we will track their origins and require that traceability be assured. When we talk sustainability, traceability is a corollary.


In the naturals business, because of the varying conditions for production, reliability is an issue. We do understand that and we know what it takes to ensure a reliable supply for our customers.

Our Products

Here is a list of the products that we do carry from Morocco, but you can still ask us if there is anything Moroccan we can source for you if you don’t see it in the following list.

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