Rose centifolia | damascena


Citrus aurantium


Rose The harvest was initially delayed by three weeks due to wet weather but is now in full swing. The yield this year is very promising and we are anticipating increased product on last year. 

Neroli The weather has been very favourable compared to last year. The canopy of the trees are looking good and we are anticipating an increased yield of 1.85x on last year. 

When is the harvest?

The Rose harvest is in process with the Neroli harvest following in the coming weeks. 

We expect to have finished product for both available Mid April.

100% Organic

Our Rose and Neroli Essential oils are certified Organic for both NOP and European.

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One of the primary suppliers of Rose and Neroli in Morocco. With an established supply in its fifth year of production.



You can be assured that the quality we offer is second to none. 



We offer Rose Absolutes, Essential Oils and Floral Waters.



Our prices are always competitive.



Our product is 100% certified Organic.

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