Mimosa Absolute

Acacia dealbata


Native to southeastern Australia, mimosa has been widely introduced to the Mediterranean basin with great success. A fast-growing evergreen tree or shrub growing up to 30m’s tall, it is known to be a pioneer species after wildfires. 

The flowers are made up of 13-42 smaller globose bright yellow flower heads. In moist mountain areas, a white lichen can almost cover the bark, which may contribute to the descriptor “silver”. In fact the Latin specific epithet dealbata means “covered in a white powder”.



    Extracted from the flowers and twigs through a process of solvent extraction the oils is a thick but pourable liquid with a soft, powdery, floral aroma. Sweet with a honeyed fresh cut grass undertone that later reveals a beautiful violet-like heart note. 


    Mimosa excels in perfumery as a fixative to bring harmony among other blended aromas. 


      Mimosa Absolute blends well with most oils, and is very suitable to make an aroma more round and complete. It is used widely in aromatherapy for skin care. And the relaxing and warming oil is known to help overcome anxiety and sensitivity.

        THE MARKET

        2020 has been a difficult year for production in Morocco, with much of the harvest being destroyed by rotting.  


        Atlassence offers the finest quality moroccan mimosa absolute. Quality is first for Atlassence and we are confident we offer our clients the best available product. 

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