Lippia citrodora


Lemon verbena is a perennial shrub growing to 2-3 metres high. The long, pointed, glossy leaves emit a strong lemon scent when touched which has let to the name Lemon Verbena or Lippia citrodora. Native to South America it was first publicly noticed and brought back to Europe by a French botanist in 1767. 

The waffled leaves are a shade of bright green and are covered in secretory glands containing the essential oil.



Summertime is when it’s small, pale lavender flowers bloom, forming terminal spikes. The flowering stems are harvested in July and August and immediately distilled. The resulting essential oil is herbaceous, with a refreshing citral character.  Because the yield is very low, and cultivation of Lippia involves considerable problems with regard to climate and other factors, genuine Verbena essential oil should be quite costly. Inexpensive ‘Verbena’ oils are likely to be adulterated with low cost sources of citrals, synthetically derived citrals, or from Litsea cubeba or Lemongrass.


    Verbena is used in perfumery to provide a special top note in natural perfume compositions, adding brightness and sparkle.


      Using lemon verbena essential oil is a popular herbal remedy with a stimulating scent, and has a wide range of potential health benefits when used properly. Thanks to its rich concentration in antioxidants and volatile oils, including citral, geraniol, cineol, limonene, nerol, and linalool, among others, this oil can have an impressive range of effects on the body including the following:

      • Lower anxiety levels
      • Supress fever
      • Soothe feelings of depression
      • Anti-inflammatory properties
      • Reduce headaches

        THE MARKET

        Due to it’s low yield adulterated versions of Verbena Essential Oil find their way on to the market. Genuine Verbena Essential Oil is costly to produce and therefore beware of cheap versions, these are likely to be adulterated. 


        Atlassence offers Moroccan Organic and Conventional Verbena Essential Oil. Quality is first for Atlassence and we are confident we offer our clients 100% pure un-adulterated Verbena Essential Oil. 

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